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Château Le Pis is a small family-run mixed-farming business located in Taillecavat. We produce and process everything on site. Our organic farm strives to create quality natural dairy products that respect the environment.

Herbicides, insecticides, antibiotics, GMO, industrialization, all these words are not part of our vocabulary. The well-being of our cows is important. That's why we provide them with an optimal quality of life: a vast environment and a natural diet. We work the vineyard conscientiously to produce healthy, quality grapes. Our wine and our processed dairy products are carefully prepared in a traditional way. We also seek to act responsibly and sustainably in the exercise of our activities. The cows are fed with the harvests of the farm, the fertilizer comes from the compost they produce and the dairy desserts are made entirely by hand on site without artificial additives. Finally we set up a deposit system on the farm for glass jars and bottles in order to reuse them and therefore minimize our ecological footprint.


We have about 20 dairy cows, they are in appropriate loose barns and they can graze the meadows as they please. They produce pure raw whole milk, which has retained all its vitamins and nutrients.

All production is cooked on site. Our range of products includes: yogurt, panna cotta, rice pudding, cheese, soft ice cream and many other delights. The milk used has not been pasteurized in order to obtain dairy products that are rich in calcium, proteins and lactic ferments. These elements bring not only a unique flavor but also many benefits to the digestive system.


Our parcels of vines cover a 7.8-hectare area, including 0.4-hectare of centenarian Merlot. They are located on a hill and benefit from optimal exposure and drainage. We work all of our lands following conservation agriculture and organic farming practices. To preserve biodiversity, we do not use herbicides or insecticides. In addition, we use natural techniques to fertilize the soil and prevent potential vine diseases (inter-row crops, composting). The result is a healthy and digestible grape, just like our terroir.

Le Pis (white) | Entre-Deux-Mers, Sauvignon blanc (65%), Semillon (35%)
Le Pis (red) | Bordeaux, Merlot (50%), Cabernet Franc (25%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%)

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